– An Ultimate Guide to creating an Ultimate Explorer

Welcome to the first guide that I’ve written to help you get through making an Ultimate Explorer step by step for if you’re stuck, or if you’re completely new to Maplestory! I’ve also included a few pictures to help you out.

Now lets begin:


Get ANY Cygnus character (Night Walker, Dawn Warrior, Blaze Wizard, Wind Archer, Thunder Breaker) to Lv. 120. This will not affect what class of Ultimate Explorer you want to make.


After you’ve done that, you will need to head to El Nath (you can actually use the quest “Chasing the Knight’s Target” bubble pop-up to teleport you to outside of Lion King’s castle, in El Nath for your convenience)


When you arrive, talk to the NPC Jade to accept the “Hunting the Zombies” quest. For this quest you will need to hunt these Coolie Zombies in an area past the Sharp Cliff. Once you reach a fork between werewolves and Lion King’s castle, go to the area past werewolves, and you will eventually get to Forest of Dead Trees I. Kill until you get an item called “Black Scale”.


When you get the Black Scale, you will get a quest bubble pop-up for “Black Scale”. The old man or woman wants you to give it to them so that they can break the curse. He/she is located in a house on the bottom of the map of Orbis Park IV in Orbis. Apparently, Dunamis headed over to Leafre because of dragons or something, so that is where we’re headed next!


Once you arrive in Leafre, have a chat with Cheif  Tatamo, the old hairy thing with the beard you can climb with a ladder and accept the “Dragon Outcasts” quest. This quest requires us to head towards the area in between Manon and Griffey Forest, so start walking there!


Once you arrive there, you’ll see Nix, an old dragon with glasses reading a book. Click dat up and complete the “Dragon Outcasts” quest. Talk to him once more to proceed to accepting “The Stolen Egg” quest, and ask him to “tell you more about the Black Witch he mentioned!”. Now he wants you to protect him or something kill Manon and Griffey; actually not as hard to find them as before.

* Pro tip: Bring Power Elixirs with you and be prepared to get hit with a lot of 1/1’s, Dispels, and Stuns from Griffey. Manon also does the same, but not as ofen, and Manon attacks much slower, which gives you more time to hit. Griffey is a darn hassle, but you’ll plow through it!


After you have finished killing 1 Manon and 1 Griffey, go back to the center area and talk to Nix to complete “The Stolen Egg” quest. Now we hear that the Black Witch is this woman that lives DEEP in Dragon’s Nest; the cave which is in the area “Nest of a Dead Dragon” past Dragon Forest.


Proceed to the area “Cave of the Black Witch” to accept the “Cave of the Black Witch” quest, but  do be careful when going through Dragon Forest; the enemies are pretty high level and do quite a lot of damage. (All of the lucky Wind Archers and Night Walkers get to turn invisible and dash through the darn thing.)


Once you arrive in the cave, speak to the Frightening Marble to accept “The Cave of the Black Witch” quest. Now Dumanis left a message in the ball or something, instructing us to go back to Ereve. Okay. Now for your own convenience (a costly convenience), you may speak to the beard ladder Chief Tatamo again to purchase a Magic Seed or two so you can get to Ereve and back here faster. You will need to come back here soon again. BE SURE to buy one more because you will need to go back to Leafre again once more in the future.

   *Pro tip: If you haven’t used this Magic Seed before and haven’t the slighest idea what I am talking about, fork over 60000 mesos and head two areas to the west of Leafre to an area called “Minar Forest: West Border” where you enter a green portal at the cost of one seed, and end up in the area “Green Tree Trunk” in Elinia. Use a Return Scroll back to Elinia, and go to the ship terminal to be on your way to Ereve.


Once you arrive at Ereve, walk to the east side past those fancy Lv. 120s, and talk to Neinheart to accept “The Knight That Disappeared” quest. Now dis nigga wants you to go BACK to “The Cave of the Black Witch” to inspect the area further in hopes you might find something left behind other than the note, so head back to Leafre’s cave again! (Use your second seed if you bought it.)

   *Note: (Do not get fooled by “The Curse of the Black Witch” quest description saying to speak to Shinsoo by the way, I went back from Leafre to Ereve because that was what I had to do, but Shinsoo’s got nothing to do with accepting the quest. Learn from my mistakes.)


Now once you get to the cave, speak to the knight laying on the floor and you will get teleported to a thirty minute Ereve hidden streetmap. Accept “The Cave of the Black Witch” HERE from Shinsoo, and make your way to the left of the map to find her. Talk to her and once it comes up, decline instead of accept, to begin the fight with her!

   *Pro tip: She spams a knock back attack a lot on you, so dish out as much damage as possible on her before she pushes you. She also casts Curse (heal effects are halved) and Darkness quite a lot, so be wary of getting annoyed. There isn’t much of a point if you want to bring All Cures or something with you because the debuff effect does not last very long, so just run away from her for a few ten seconds or so and
resume hitting her. Now this is important; once you get her health down to about halfway, she will begin to cast Damage Reflect, which we all know could be the death of you if you don’t look carefully. (If you made a Dawn Warrior like I did, I actually managed to survive the DR damage, so Dawn Warrior’s might be bulky enough to take the hit, but always watch your HP.)


After you finish KO’ing her, go to the right side of the map and talk to Shinsoo for compensation or something. Now go to the portal to the right to exit, and you will be teleported to LEGIT Ereve. Talk to Cygnus to accept the “Chief Knight of Empress” quest, to receive your fourth job advancement for your Cygnus Knight, congratulations! Make sure you invest your leftover SP into your skills if you haven’t already. You also receive 5 AP and 3 SP more after the advancement as well as a cool “Captain Knight” medal. (+2 All stats, 200 HP/MP)


But you’re not done yet! Talk to Cygnus to accept “Empress’s Grace” quest for the infamous and annoying Peridot quest! You have to head to Leafre and hunt Harps and Blood Harps, so go there for now.


Once you arrive, go to the area “Sky Nest II” (I feel like its a more better spot than “Sky Nest I”) and start killing those birds. Peridots have an extremely low drop rate, so it depends on your luck how often you get them. You may party with a friend that is willing to help you out to help you hunt. They will not see the Periots drop unless they have the quest too, but you will when they kill (they are blue circles by the way). With a 2X drop rate active, my sister and I found all five Peridots in about four and a half hours, but you may get lucky and finish in one hour, it all depends.


When you are done with obtaining five peridots, head down to Ereve to talk to Cygnus so you can complete the “Empress’s Grace” quest to obtain the Empress’s Shout skill (20% HP and MP permanent increase) and the Empress’s Prayer skill (4% Weapon and Magic ATT for two hours with a  24 hour cooldown).


Finally, talk to Cygnus once again to accept the “Ultimate Explorer” quest where you will be able to create your Ultimate Explorer. Your Ultimate Explorer will be gender locked to the same sex as your Cygnus knight by the way.

Congratulations! If you log out, and log on your new character, you will find yourself in Henesys with Empress equips, few hundred elixirs, and your successor medal. Enjoy!


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